We back founders to
do great things by
maximizing their
revenue and valuation.

Most founders start a company because of their love for a product or a quest to solve a problem – DigiVest enables them to do what they love without the complexities of eCommerce scaling or raising capital, and positions them for success by making their companies highly investable.

The Challenges
                                of Scaling

The Challenges

The majority of early-stage companies fail to maximise their eCommerce potential because online growth is complex, expensive, and requires substantial expertise.

Giving away too much equity as a byproduct of a low valuation is antiquated and unfair.

The DigiVest Way

We partner with founders who are ready to scale but can’t take on the high fixed costs required to build an in-house performance marketing, data, and tech team with the right expertise. Our “investability-first” approach helps founders avoid giving away too much equity too early and changes the way founders succeed by leveraging modern eCommerce.
How We
Do It
We scale high-potential companies and increase their valuation using tools imperative to online success:
Data +
Global Marketing

Our partnership approach mitigates risk and makes a founder’s dream to scale more affordable. We don’t just offer capital or provide a strategy. We execute and project-manage all eCommerce operations. With DigiVest, founders outsource eCommerce functions, but control approval and deployment of brand assets. Because we don’t own shares, your business stays your business. We start with a pilot phase to build a strategy and assess potential success. During this time, partners are safe-guarded by their ability to exit the partnership.

We’re focused on the mid to long-term value – we pay it forward with subsidised costs and access to our unique model. In return, we share in any future exit.

Powering your eCommerce valuation with performance marketing and capital.

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