A new approach to scaling eCommerce businesses without sacrificing equity early.

Most Founders start a business without a clear vision for how they will ultimately profit from their dreams.

Created from the ground up to solve start-up and scale failure, partnership with DigiVest positions Founders for success by leveraging an end-to-end eCommerce system, coupled with performance capital that can be delivered at the right time.

We earn a piece of someone’s business rather than take advantage of an undervalued asset on day zero.

Our Approach

DigiVest does things differently. Unlike traditional venture capitalists and investors who offer capital for equity, we are in the trenches early helping eCommerce businesses become investable.

Through our unique Skin In The Game (SITG) Model and investability First approach, we share a large part of the risk upfront with our founders.

Our system is underpinned by three key drivers:

SITG Model (Skin In The Game)

Our Skin In The Game Model and pilot fee structure greatly subsidises the cost to scale, and incentivises us to deliver increased revenue. DigiVest becomes an extended part of your team via our Performance Engine. Ultimately, it’s your business, but we empower you to make more informed decisions at speed.

Investability First

Raising capital to accelerate growth is a hefty challenge for Founders. It can involve giving away too much equity early on as a byproduct of a low valuation. It's an investment model we consider to be antiquated, imbalanced and unfair.

That’s why we developed our Investability First approach, which levels the playing field with a shared focus on eCommerce valuation and the pieces that make up this puzzle. We do this by leveraging performance data, eCommerce expertise and technology to accelerate revenue growth and increase your eCommerce valuation.

Performance Capital

At one point or another, Founders discover that early success in a singular market or territory rarely translates into being able to fuel cash flow to expand into other global markets.

Increased inventory to supply current demand, as well as any new market entries, localisation, online media and new product development, are examples of necessary resources needed to grow the business.

Our performance capital removes barriers that early stage and fast-growing companies face on their road to scaling. It also means that our Founder partners are generally able to dilute at a higher market value and much fairer rate.

Our Approach

Pilot Case Studies

Check out some of our early Pilot Program Success Stories here

See our philosophy in action and discover how we have driven revenue for our Founders.

Powering your eCommerce valuation with performance marketing and capital.

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