Refer a talented CEO/Entrepreneur to scale their eCommerce?


We offer all referrers the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio or earn commission from online sales.

All you need to know is a CEO with an strong offering for eCommerce that has the drive to scale globally. In simple terms, an online website that sells products, not a reseller, ideally with owned IP, with a reasonable margin, that you and other see as potentially the new and the next ….!

Digi_Vest offers 5% of all equity owned in investments referred that we invest in. Alternatively, you can elect to accept a 3% offer on all Digi_Vest earned profit in the company, in perpetuity, post pilot validation. This is akin to a trail fee, or royalty.

Once Digi_Vest agrees with the CEO to enter a pilot validation phase you will be informed.


Should we successfully exit pilot validation and continue partnering, you will automatically be offered the two choices above by our Head of Corporate Affairs.

We don’t mind if you are a family member, relative, friend or enemy (preferably not though). Any equity or profit you receive shall be from Digi_Vest owned or earned agreements, not from existing (referred) company shareholders.

Please note, for the most part are an accelerator – so incubators / start ups without a website or online shop are unlikely to be relevant – unless of course they have an amazing Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – which of course we are always interested in discussing.

We do our best to review all referrals at the end of each week.

Please click on the button below and tell us more about a CEO, company, products or service you would like to refer.