Our Process

01. Strategic Co-Creation

Working with us is simple. Whatever your vision is, whatever your business needs are, our ‘co-creation’ process is where we can dynamically engage you and encourage your partners, as well as your existing and potential customers, and stakeholders to “co-create” to help produce innovative solutions.

In this way you steer the process, we facilitate but your customers now have a seat at the table. This type of ‘value creation’ shifts from the traditional approach to how value is perceived and created. Value creation is now making and layering ‘platforms’ that will enable new interactions. This point of exchange transforms you and your value chain into part of a dynamic “value network” that can achieve more—and do so faster and cheaper. 

Problem Formulation

Consists of finding or anticipating problems and defining them to find new opportunities

Solution Formulation

Finding, developing, & selecting of the most useful solution to take forward.

Solution Implementation

Action planning and taking action to skilfully execute and implement

02.The Benefits of Co-Creation


03. The Building Blocks of Co-Creation

Dialogue at every stage of the value chain encourages not just knowledge sharing, but, even more importantly, understanding between brands, stakeholders, existing and potential customers. It also gives customers more opportunity to interject their view of value into the creation process.

This access challenges the notion that ownership is the only way for the consumer to experience value. By focusing on access-to-value through multiple points of exchange, as opposed to simply ownership of products, companies can broaden their view of the business opportunities in creating seamless experiences.

Design sprints are how we do this is. They are the time-constrained framework for which we are able to quickly ‘understand’ ‘prototype’ and test the viability of a solution which orients the entire team and aims all our efforts toward a mutual goal at considerable speed.

This reduces the risk of bringing any new product, service or a feature to the market because if customers can become co-creators of value with companies, they will demand more information about potential risks of goods and services; but brands may also have to bear more responsibility for handling those risks.

Transparency of information is required to create the trust between brands, stakeholders and existing and potential customers.

04. Design Sprints

With creative intelligence at our core, we use design as a problem-solving tool to drive change. Design sprints are the recipe that we use for answering critical business questions through creating, rapid prototyping, and testing our hypotheses. Sprints are useful when launching a new venture, or a new feature just as much as they are helpful with solving problems within an existing business.

This specific step-by-step framework helps you iteratively develop and gain learnings quickly which enable you to launch products, services, and experiences faster (and cheaper). In tandem with our strategic co-creation process, this harmonizes cross-functional teams of people to logically figure out whether your products, visions or ideas will succeed in the market.