How We Fuel eCommerce

eCommerce-business architecture is what makes us a non-traditional investment company.

We seek to deliver an ‘unfair CEO advantage’.


Performance Channels (P13): If the foundations achieve a pass score we can layer up simple performance channels for surplus short term revenue to drive future growth. These commence just before pilot validation phase in the MVP phase. We introduce these layers in a structured, drip fed approach to ensure ROI efficiencies (each dollar is spent as if from our own pocket).

Long Term Returns

(the walls of our house: to support scale). These are critical to fueling success. Without the support we cannot scale. The support is made up of multi-variate testing of creative, platforms, audiences, formats etc through the path to conversion and attribution to sale. Finally optimised to test their inflection point of media spend saturation (daily) by market and environment.

As we discover the strength of our supports, we can layer up more complex performance channels that takes us into scaling and raising the roof of our house, ie. new markets, product ranges, ambassadors etc.

We support scale with performance capital as we accelerate growth significantly.

Through this process we discover your custom growth formula:

The growth formula is a structured approach to eCommerce acceleration. Although the structured approach remains the same, the complexities arise in the discovery and customisation of the formula for each individual business. Upon scale it is expected that each CEO will understand their customised growth formula. Contact us to understand more about your customised growth formula.


We assist CEO’s scale exponentially, often with online sales fueling other parts of their business, such as R&D, product development, logistics, supply, resourcing and valuation.

To build an unfair advantage requires precise execution. Our team craves hard metrics like ROI, conversion rates, profit and global online return on ad spend. Each daily investment dashboard is set up and online vanity metrics are avoided.

Hard metrics are secured via any number of performance channels, technologies, and often vary per market.

Each CEO we partner with is afforded a specialist eCommerce ‘bolt on’ team to nail these hard metrics: data scientists, media strategists, performance channel and performance capital experts. We don’t just invest and hope.

It’s our team that kick starts online acceleration. We care little for heavy early investing, board seats and snaffling shareholders voting rights.

Quite simply our #1 driver is creating eCommerce-business architecture that fuels scale. Without that there is nothing much for anyone to invest in.