Bridging the gap between Founders and investors, preparing you for investment and an easier capital raise.

Born as a result of reverse engineering ‘what it would take to invest’, DigiVest’s Investability First model is a unique alternative for Founders.

Rather than always investing capital upfront and taking advantage of an undervalued asset, we have a vested interest in helping you avoid early dilution because we focus on the mid to long-term value and pay it forward with subsidised costs. In return, we share in your success when you dilute or exit at a much higher valuation than when you came to us.

The Capital Dilemma

Getting a fair valuation to access capital without demonstrated revenue is unlikely, yet securing capital to invest in growth is crucial in the competitive global eCommerce space.

Despite having a domestic or partial global market fit, many online businesses fail due to insufficient cash flow, meaning they’re unable to reinvest in media, data, tech, experts and inventory.

This leaves Founders facing a serious dilemma— to grow slowly, remain cash poor, run out of cash, or be outpaced by competitors.

Or to try and access capital early, giving away a larger share of their business than they’d like due to their low valuation. Ultimately, this reduces their share of future revenues and the money they walk away with when they exit.

A Fairer Way to Access Capital

We think it’s time to even the playing field and shift from traditional funding that favours investors over Founders that’s why we developed our Investability First model. Our innovative approach helps Founders access the funds they need to grow without the headaches of the ‘find, pitch and win’ cycle that can leave them distracted from their business for months, only to result in them giving away more equity than they want and for little added value beyond funding.

How it Works

Unlike other investment firms, our sister Capital company focuses on the drivers of eCommerce valuations to measure potential, lowering the equity ratio required while reducing risk for their investors and giving their clients exclusive access to otherwise inaccessible eCommerce investment opportunities.

Depending on your businesses maturity your access to funding will either follow our Pre or Post Pilot Capital pathway.

Pre Pilot Capital

(Capital is injected before the Pilot program)

Mature, larger existing company with less risk than a start up or yet to achieve much volume of online sales, but could be doing much better online globally. There would also need to be a firm mandate from the Board that real change is required to realise global eCommerce valuation objectives.

Post Pilot Capital

(Capital is injected on successful validation of Pilot program)

DigiVest partners with our Founders in an initial Pilot program of up to 12 months to increase investability, validating the eCommerce business model and growing key valuation metrics. We do this by setting key milestones and eCommerce valuation goals upfront and then tracking against actuals to develop predictive analytics, which are used to forecast capital needs and determine when to inject funds to fuel the next growth phase.

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