Early Beginnings

Early Beginnings

Like most new companies, we started with a question… “how do CEOs navigate the vortex of digital and social advertising, without being swallowed up?

The CEOs we partner with all have a strong belief of “if my brand/product could get out to lots of the right people online, I would be extremely successful”.

In many instances though, they failed.

Failure was not a result of reckless decision making. eCommerce scale is data driven, advertising expensive and for the most part the best eCommerce experts don’t work for free.

For many CEO’s eCommerce is counter intuitive. So the end result is ‘hit and miss’. And ‘hit and miss’ happens for small, medium and big companies. No one is excluded. So we re-thought the challenges from a CEO perspective.

Our early partner CEO pioneers were phenomenal in supporting our test, trial, hedge investment approach. No question we could have easily been another start-up victim without their generous support.

What we learned most was that there was no silver bullet. eCommerce risk cannot be tackled by any one element in isolation. Different countries, spend, performance channels, history, strategy, digital foundations all affect risk. So it’s no surprise, that a significant proportion of our eCommerce led investing criteria is risk mitigated.

These risk mitigations are incorporated into our eCommerce-business architecture foundations per company, investment steps, performance capital timing, systems etc.

Today our analysts filter hundreds of businesses per week. It’s incredibly exciting for our team as companies keep popping up with the new and the next, technology within digital marketing continues to evolve, and there are no end of playing to continuous streams of data.

Our mission remains: Invest in ‘what works’.

Our vision: Enable CEOs to fulfil their purpose by leveraging our unique eCommerce investing expertise.

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