About us


Our focus is driving growth and building absolute value within the world of e-commerce and digital ventures.


CEO’s talk to us about…

The digital marketing and tech landscape grows exponentially year on year, so for even the most forward-thinking and progressive CEO, how do they keep pace with the ever-evolving e-commerce scape?

“How quickly will I know if I am succeeding or failing in my digital spend?”
“In reality, is my brand adaptable and able to scale for success?”
“How can I take my product to overseas markets and make it work?”
“Am I capturing data and interpreting it to give me an accurate reflection of my sales funnel?”
“Analysis paralysis’ – Social? Digital? Media? eCommerce? Logistics?”
“What impacts does e-commerce growth have on the whole of my company?”

Why we succeed…

Monetisation Modelling
Early on in our due diligence process we work with CEO’s on modelling key eCommerce metrics to determine the opportunities in scaling your business.
eCommerce Growth Strategy
Lean and dynamic eCommerce strategies executed at speed for the new digital economy. These are layered up based on performance and ROI.
Minimum Viable Performance
This is our phase that has a minimum set of recommended digital performance levers to pull to drive greater short term profitability. Sets your foundations for long term eCommerce scalability.
Growth & Performance Marketing
A hybrid and layering of lean marketing techniques geared towards monetisation.
Venture Capital
The way to supercharge your vision and potential.

Our CEO’s Team

The photos and profiles below are not our Senior Executive Team or all Digi_Vest employees. What we’ve found is CEOs want to know the experts in their team? Who is responsible for ensuring my business scales online? This is our new digital investments / partner’s team. Basically the people responsible for finding and deciding who we partner with and what levers to pull based on hundred’s of data points and expertise to set up the partnership for success.