Powering your eCommerce valuation with performance marketing and capital.

80 %

of eCommerce companies fail within the first 120

of eCommerce companies fail within the first 120 days.

We make companies highly investable. It’s our take on modern-day eCommerce investing.

eCommerce Founders and investors alike play a commercial game linked to customer acquisition (CAC) versus long term customer value (LTCV). Maintaining strong positions with cash and access to capital is a Founder's challenge.

Driven by data and technology, very few eCommerce companies become successful relying on simply reinvesting profits. This seems counterintuitive to traditional business management. In today’s digital landscape, your investability is directly linked to being able to scale globally.

The decisions you make now will shape whether you fail, sell out as a distressed asset, or fully realise your potential and eCommerce valuation.

Securing Your Future

As a business owner, where do you see yourself in a decade? Are you dreaming of retiring on a tropical beach? Being a high profile CEO of a global brand? Becoming a serial entrepreneur? Or building a family empire? No matter the desired outcome, your company's investability and market value at various stages in its business growth will always be a determining factor.

DigiVest understands what it takes to best increase market value and scale into various markets. Using this knowledge, we’ve developed a well-rounded business system that provides the least amount of risk and the greatest value for our Founders.

From day dot, DigiVest works collaboratively with our Founders to impact revenue at speed, define their exit goals and ensure it aligns with their business strategy and capital needs.

Partner. Power. Fund.

Our unique partnership approach leverages performance data to increase your investability.

Partnership Redefined

Achieve your potential and support expansion with our proprietary system:

Powering Your Growth

Our Performance Engine provides an end-to end eCommerce solution:

Funding Your Future

Receive the right capital at the right time with access to our sister companies capital capability:

Realise Your Potential

Our partner, power, fund model allows us to enter the picture much earlier than traditional investors by validating your investability first in our invite only pilot program, we share part of the risk upfront while growing your business without any loss of equity. We then formally partner to deliver an improved eCommerce valuation with the option of injecting capital to fuel global growth and valuation.


Turning Smart money into Super smart money. Learn the pro’s and cons about Business Capital and why where and when your business gets it’s money could mean the difference between success and failure.

Doing business in the eCommerce world has become increasingly complicated, as such so have the size and number of pitfalls that can cripple online businesses no matter how good the product.

Long Term Success in ecommerce means being able to plan for the needs of future growth. Learn about what metrics are important as your business matures and needs capital to scale. ​​

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Powering your eCommerce valuation with performance marketing and capital.

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