Digi_Vest Difference

What makes us a non traditional investment company

New companies try to be different. It’s a far greater challenge to offer something vastly different within an established industry.

For the investment industry, success comes from selecting companies that scale and produce substantial returns for all who believed in it.
Digi_Vest is no different, however our approach and aftereffect are quite different.

The traditional investment company

  1. Often traditional investment companies have a drawn out process, beginning with presentations, discussions, evaluations, references, and buy in. Then investment. Naturally each investment company has their own ‘Da Vinci Code’ investment technique.
  2. The mentoring, coaching, voting, facilitating, strategy sessions. To ensure the investment works from an arms length.
  3. At this juncture usually the weight of the investment portfolio spreadsheet comes into play.A scaling successes business is good, but the question becomes how do I invest more to maximise returns?If it’s struggling then voting rights, board minutes, management team revamps, sometimes founders or CEO’s lose their control!It is also feasible to have ‘down rounds’ – the company needs to raise money, the investment firm passes, and the company valuation is lower than the last time it took in investment. Not a great scenario but money in may be critical.
  4. Investment companies funding options can alter: crowd funding, direct funding, high net worth money, a fund, stock market listing strategy, loans. Beyond that, there are any number of mechanisms to realise funding from convertible notes to straight equity.
  5. They will look for an exit. Ultimately, investment firms want to realise a return. The decision to exit is often not merely up to CEO.

The Digi_Vest Difference

  1. Digi_Vest conducts a macro-economic assessment for vertical selection on long term future growth potential. Additionally, we evaluate thousands of businesses in our identified verticals via our F6 (micro-economic assessment). With over 300 data points, ensure we reach out to CEO’s we have an evaluated level of confidence that we can scale.
  2. Digi_Vest always has ‘skin in the game’ – whether its human capital (we get in the trenches), loaned media spend or direct investment. The pilot validation period is a fundamental point of difference. Traditional Firms don’t do it, can’t do. Until a business passes pilot validation there is always a level of uncertainty for all parties. This protects everyone as we can make the smart capital decision – as we get your business on an eCommerce trajectory that will scale, giving up less to get more.
  3. This stage is about aggregation and acceleration considerations i.e. extending on what ‘we know works’, new market testing ground efficiencies etc. CEO options begin to further unfold regarding investment of cash flow, new market entry, exit strategies. Largely unencumbered by our activities and investment. You will have a clear eCommerce trajectory for your business.
  4. This stage is about taking what’s needed, not what can be taken. This is where you will vault your eCommerce performance and fundamental business metrics. You know how much money you need and performance capital is taken as needed, justified by eCommerce performance. Your company valuation increases, whilst having the inverse effect on the price of capital – the cost of capital is reduced.
  5. For us it’s about the company continuing to grow, we don’t take any investment passess. We are in it with the CEO.

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Digi_Vest Difference | Non Traditional Investment Company

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Our Early Success

Leading Online Pet Store

A $20m turnover (pa) leading online pet store that we partnered with has increased eCommerce results by 5 times in less than a year. Currently in negotiations to sell – a great financial result for the long-term founders.

Lifestyle Watch Company

Set the growth and performance digital strategy for a $2m turnover (pa) lifestyle watch company and achieved a 50% increase in revenue in the first month (highest month of revenue ever) – from average $60k online sales to over $147k in the first month.

Global Health & Fitness, Personal Care & Food Services Organisation

$500m Global Health & Fitness, Personal Care & Food Services Organisation (largely wholesale) unable to drive efficient returns through eCommerce. Online revenue has doubled in the first 3 months, now they are referring us to other companies that want to scale online.

Training Company

$15m training company overspending on Facebook, Digi_Vest halved the spend and turned a $250 per lead acquisition into $25 CPL.

Partner Companies

Digi_Vest have taken equity options positions in 2 partner companies, we are re-platforming and taking them to multiple markets in 2018.

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